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Anal Fissure Care

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The combos pack for Anal Fissure Care…

  • Relieves pain in anus.
  • Reduces swelling of anal ring.
  • Corrects constipation.
  • Checks bleeding of anal fissure and even useful in Ano-rectal inflammatory conditions.
  • This pack is able to solve the problem of ‘pinhole anus’ (Anal Stenosis) and helps to improve the anal ring function with the help of ‘anal ring exercise instrument’ (Anal Dilator).
  • May able to resolve the fissure condition without going to surgery.

Price for Complete Package: 70 Rs. /Day (inclusive of all taxes within India).
We are offering you 20 Days Trial Pack.

Product Description

The combo pack for ‘Anal Fissure’ or ‘Fissure in ano’  treatment includes six products-

  • N-Zyme Powder
  • HV Tablet
  • AB Haritaki Tablet
  • Panchvalkal Kadha (Decoction)
  • Jatyadi Oil
  • Plastic Anal Dilator (For ‘anal ring exercise’)

Product Details :

N-Zyme Powder: (for internal use only)

Presentation 250 gms of plastic bag pack
Ingredients Ajmoda, Jeerak, Sunthi, Saindhav, Pippali and Haritaki
Directions for use Take about one teaspoonful of this ayurvedic powder three times a day, along with lukewarm water preferably one time during early morning hours and another time before one hour to lunch and dinner.
Made by Ayur Advice

HV Tablet: (for internal use only)

Presentation 60 tablets of plastic bag pack
Ingredients Hingu, Trikatu, Patha, Hapusha, Abhaya, Shati, Ajamoda, Dadima, Pushkarmoola, Chitrak, Vacha, Kshardway, Chavya, Chitrak
Directions for use Take one tablet three times a day during empty stomach and along with ‘N-Zyme Powder’.
Made by Ayur Advice

AB Haritaki Tablet: (for internal use only)

Presentation 60 tablets of plastic bag pack
Ingredients Haritaki and Erand Sneha
Directions for use Take one tablet three times a day, along with ‘N-Zyme Powder’ and ‘HV Tablet’.
Made by Balark Pharmaceuticals

Panchvalkal Kadha (Decoction) (for external use only/ for Sits bath)

Presentation 200 gms of plastic bag pack
Ingredients Ashvaththa, Vat, Udumbara, Paarisha and Plaksha
Directions for use One should take Sits bath twice (two times) a day.
Made by Ayur Advice
Method for preparing the fresh herbal decoction and procedure of Sits bath- Take about 1-2 tablespoonful of Panchvalkal Kadha (Decoction) and mix it well with around two glass of water (Around 500 ml water) in the evening hours. Keep the mixture for whole night (or around 6-8 hours). The very next morning, boil this mixture on light to medium flame. Shake it well during boiling. Gradually the water will start to get evaporating. During boiling, when around one and half glass of water remains in the mixture, take it down. Strain the liquid into a bath tub using a sieve or a cloth such as a jelly bag or muslin cloth. Then add more warm water in to the tub. Then sit in to the bathtub up to level of hips for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure in the evening hours as per severity.
This procedure will increase the blood flow into the anal region ultimately which helps to subside the pile mass permanently.

Jatyaadi Oil (for external use only/ for local application)

Presentation 50 ml of plastic bottle pack.
Ingredients Jati,Neem patra, Patol patra, Karanj patra, Yashtimadhu, Kushtha, Haridra, Daruharidra, Kutaki, Manjishtha, Sesame oil etc.
Directions for use Apply this oil locally at the site of fissure with the help of cotton swab, two times a day after taking Sits bath.
Made by Punarvasu

Plastic Anal Dilator (For ‘anal ring exercise’)

Procedure for Anal ring Exercise After taking ‘Sits bath’ and apply the ‘Jatyaadi Oil’ locally at the site of fissure, one should perform Anal Ring exercise by Plastic Anal Dilator. Take this Anal Dilator and insert your index finger in it. Then dip the tip of the Anal Dilator in to ‘Jatyaadi Oil’ and then gently insert the tip in your Anus. Push the dilator completely into your anus and hold it there for few seconds and then take it out. Do the same procedure again and again for 2 to 5 minutes, at least two times a day.
This procedure will help to improve the contraction and expansion of anal ring muscles which ultimately helps to relieve your anal pain permanently.


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